Three high pressure spiral heat exchangers for gas condensation application.

Construction: Super Duplex 2205   600 PSI Design pressure

11/20/17 - Elanco DS Style Heat Exchanger delivered to a WasteWater Treatment Plant in Oregon.   Elanco DS Spirals feature easy clean sludge side, with tangential sludge entry with hand hole clean out, pin-free design to allow no obstructions within sludge channel.  Elanco utilizes standard readily available SA-193/192 bolts and nuts eliminating costly clamp bolts.

9/29/17 - Elanco Double-walled Tube Heat Exchanger Delivered to a paper mill in Maine used for cooling oil.  

Construction - Double Tube - Outer tube Carbon Steel,  Inner tube Stainless 316

Shell Carbon Steel,  Bonnet Stainless 316

Shell: 300 PSI @ 600F

Tube : 200 PSI @ 300F


9/26/17 - Four Model M150-24-B-V   Delivered to a bourbon distillery for cooling of mash.

Construction: Stainless Steel 304,  75 PSI.