Double Walled Tube Heat Exchangers

Elanco’s unique double walled tube has a purge passage coiled through the middle of the tube wall. The bi-walled tube should be used when the heat exchanger is part of critical equipment design or is primarily safety related. Applications where the tube is used are as follows:

  1. When the exchanger is in contact with hazardous material i.e., cooling Tritium gas at a nuclear facility.
  2. When the process and cooling sides react violently i.e., water and sodium.
  3. When an exchanger failure would incur expensive downtime i.e., feed water exchange at a utility power plant.
  4. When an exchanger failure would seriously damage expensive equipment i.e., an oil cooler on a gas turbine.

Double walled tube heat exchangers assembly

Elanco’s Double Walled Tube gives advanced warning of exchanger failure, allowing repair or replacement to be readily planned. Critical situation can be avoided and serious equipment damage averted.

Double walled tube heat exchangers assembly double-walled-tube-heat-exchangers-2